1st & 2nd

Welcome to First and Second classes.


See our Book Fay pictures March 2020.

We have been busy since we returned to the classroom.  Check our pictures showing us doing Science experiments and planting the school garden.

This week is Active Fitness Week – we are taking on the Tour of Europe Challenge!

We took lots of pictures today on National Fitness Day – see our class page and also all other classes too!

October 13th marks the start of Maths Ireland Week 2018.

Here in school, we are all busy on Mangahigh – completing assignments, checking the fun activities, collecting bronze, silver and gold medals for our efforts…. and on top of that – competing against each other!!  It’s great fun.  We are also very active (and LOUD!!!!) when we play against each other on kahoots – a super site we use in the classroom.  Then, this week, we are also playing 3 in a row games, mastering challenge maths activity cars, playing actual games of cards and to top it all off, we have maths challenges for homework each night!

Mangahigh’s Ninja challenge is coming to an end but hopefully some children in our school will be in with a chance of getting an actual medal for their efforts.  Each of us needs to collect 150+ points by playing lots of games to get a real medal.  There is also the top 10 students for Corrandrum to look forward to.

See some of our pictures taken during Maths Week.

See the ‘top 10 Corrandrum Maths Ninjas’ – congratulations everyone.

On to Hallow’een – we had a fun day on Thursday, October 25th.  See our fun Hallow’een games picture selection.

Today, November 12th 2018, our Christmas boxes were collected and are now making their long journey to many needy children.

It’s Science Week 2018

We have had a busy, fun-filled week doing experiments all week long!

Monday was ‘Living Things’ – measuring our lung capacity, the food pyramid and learning about Irish scientists.

Tuesday – Living Things – Early years science on the laptops.  We build animals and people, we learned about lots of different habitats, we got to travel the planets and lots more.

Wednesday – Energy and Forces – we made static electricity using haircombs and balloons.  Then we got to make our very own electric circuits!

Thursday – Materials – what a fun day!  We made butter and had a lovely morning break eating it on lovely crackers.  In the afternoon, we made rainbow colours.

Friday – Environmental Awareness and Care – we got to learn about habitats – the badger and the fox.  We learn about recycling.

See some pictures.

Science Show – Captain Egghead – Xperimental Science Show came to Corrandrum on Thursday November 22nd.  See our pictures.

Board Games November 23rd – we had great fun today learning how to play draughts.  The teachers really helped us.  See pictures.

Christmas Show – ‘Elfie Saves Christmas!’ – Leisureland.  See pictures.

Our Christmas art jumper colouring competition winners – 20th December 2018.

Pancake Tuesday March 5th 2019.  Hurray!!!

We all had a very successful Book Week 2019 – in total 80 books were created by the whole class!  That is just fantastic.  Roald Dahl, David Walliams , Spike Milligan……watch out!!  See our photos – some of us in costume.

Seachtain na Gaelige came and we spent the entire week ag comhrá agus ag caint.  Bhí spraoi mór againn go léir!

World Down Syndrome Day – March 21st 2019 – Odd Socks Day!

Tuesday April 9th 2019 – today is First Confession for second class.

Tour Day to NUIG 2019 – see some photos.




Check out lots of pictures taken while we were on tour to Monkey Business and the Aquarium – we all had a fabulous day!  Also see lots of pictures when you visit Junior and Senior classroom page too.

Today was First Penance for the children in Second Class.  Although they were nervous, all went very well .  They were all thrilled and relieved when it was over.  Check out our picture.

Meanwhile First had a full day at school but had a great time doing meaningful science – that is….. witnessing the impact of heat when applied to a certain solid(chocolate) and how it magically transforms into a lovely liquid which attaches quite well to a second solid (rice crispies!) to produce lovely buns at the end of the day.

They then tackled a very cold solid (ice-cream) and determined that hot air applied to this solid causes it to melt so they came to the natural conclusion that a messy classroom full of runny ice-cream would not make a pretty site  so therefore they ate it!  See their pictures.




Yesterday we were very pleased to welcome triplets to Corrandrum!! -triplet baby lambs that is…… two little white ones and a lovely cuddly black sibling.  They were all of 8 days old and were very thirsty – drinking from their bottles and when that didn’t do, they were quite happy to lick very willing faces!

Welcome back everyone after the snowy weekend!


Happy New Year!  Let’s hope 2018 brings lots of joy and happiness to all the children and their families.

April 7th – Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine  – see below.

It is April 6th today.  We are getting ready for Easter holidays tomorrow!!  Today we had science fun when we discovered our hair, jumpers and a balloon can create static electricity.  See our pictures below.

We also have to say a big, big thank you to one of our lovely mammies who made lots of chocolate rice crispie buns for the class.  She also had some lovely goodies for the teachers too!  See our pictures also.

We hope everyone has a lovely Easter holidays – have fun gathering eggs, eating them – yum yum….. and checking on the Easter bunny.

Today First class made lovely buns while second class were busy with their First Penance ceremony.  Today is March 22nd.  See our pictures below.

There are 11 boys and 14 girls between the two classes.  We hope you enjoy visiting our class and seeing some of the varied daily activities that happen.  We are all very good friends in Rang a hAon agus Rang a Dó.  We enjoy mindfulness.

On Thursday, we had fun doing heat experiments.

We are at the end of Seachtain na Gaelige – check our winner in the picture below.

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