3rd & 4th

Welcome to Third and Fourth classes.


See our pictures of World Book Day 2020.

Check out our pictures of us planting in our new school garden.

Today Sept 27th we had great fun for National Fitness Day.  Check out our pictures and also all other classes.


Maths Week and Hallow’een have already come and gone.  See our Corrandrum Top Ten Mangahigh Maths Ninjas.

Check out our cool Hallow’een costumes!

Today, November 12th, our Christmas boxes are making their way to many needy children.

Board games November 23rd – we learnt how to play draughts and chess with the teachers helping out!  See some pictures.

Science Show – Captain Egghead – Xperimental Science Show came to Corrandrum.  See our pictures.


20 December 2018 – our winners from our Jumper Colouring Art Competition!

Pancake Tuesday March 5th 2019.  Hurray!!!!

Book Week 2019 – we had a fantastic busy week composing, illustrating and designing, writing our chapter books!  Phew – we were SO SOOOOO………. BUSY!  Check out our photos.

Seachtain na Gaelige 2019 – bhí muid ag caint is ag damhsa tríd na seachtaine!

World Down Syndrome Awareness Day – March 21st 2019 – Odd Socks Day!




There are 18 boys and 8 girls between the two classes.  We hope you enjoy visiting our class.

April 7th –  Gaeilgeoir na Seachtaine – see below.

We had a very enjoyable Science show – Fantastic DNA earlier this month.

We have also just finished Seachtain na Gaelige for 2017 – can you spot our class winner?

Our Duais na Seachtaine , March 30th, goes to……… check our pictures.

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