School History


The Irish translation of Corrandrum (Corr and Droma) means “the hill on the ridge”. In 1904, £237 was granted for the building of Corrandrum National Schoolhouse. The school was originally opened  to pupils in 1907.Inititally, Corrandrum was a one-roomed, two-teacher mixed school, with an average of 90 pupils. A second room was added in the late 1920’s. Children from the three neighbouring parishes-Cummer, Lackagh, and Annaghdown attended the school. The first teacher in Corrandrum was a Moylough man, Joe Carter. He was assisted by Mrs Hanley from Corofin.

The first male student registered in Corrandrum was Patrick Coppinger on April 8th 1907. The first female student registered was Mary Burke, also on that date.


Between the years of 1907 and 1965, eleven teachers taught in the school. In 1965, the “new school” , was built by Rhatigans. This new school was a three-roomed school with three additional shelters at the back of the school. In the late 1970’s a fourth room was added to the school along with the development of a play area and football pitch.

The grounds were further improved with the addition of a tennis and basketball court. Over the years, several community activities took place. These included the dramatic society, society outings, basket-making, Irish dancing, athletics, camogie, handball, hurling, soccer and football.  The eighties brought  further changes and in 1985, the grey and royal blue uniform was introduced.


The numbers attending the school continued to grow with the largest number of pupils being registered in 1991. At that time, 141 pupils were enrolled. Sports have always played an important role in Corrandrum school life. Local football tournaments such as the Raftery Cup and O’ Riordan Cup  were especially contested with great pride. Irish dancing was also prominent with several students going on to win titles of merit far and wide. To this very day, sports such as football and hurling, Irish dancing, music and drama play a role of paramount importance in the lives of the children attending Corrandrum National School.


The new extension  to the school brought Corrandrum well and truly into the 21st century. The addition of two new classrooms and the hall, in conjunction with the refurbishments to the old school building, were conducive to a superb establishment for education to flourish. To date, the children have won several football and hurling competitions. Irish dancing, music and annual dramas are still at the fore of social development in the school. Last year, Corrandrum was proud to obtain its first green flag, denoting the children and staff’s commitment to a greener environment.

Our Teachers

Teachers currently teaching in the school are:

Martin Farragher ( Principal), Anne Moylan (Vice Principal), Niamh Kelly, Helen Newell, Tomas O’ Neachtain  (learning support) and Julie Popplewell (Resource)

SNAs   Mary Ryan and Aoife Neilan